Clear Span Event Tents

Clear span Event Tent Advantages

Our clear span tents are made up of a base, a stand, and a tarp. There is no support material inside the tent. The tent ranges from 10 to 60 meters in width and has no limit in length.

All right. Such a large space actually does not have any central column inside. It’s exactly like the house building. With such a huge space, designers can design it as they wish.

The clear span tent is a temporary building, which has the advantages of fireproof, heat insulation, no shrinkage, low pollution, quick installation, high safety performance, wind speed resistance level up to 115MPH, and reusable. It is especially suitable for weddings, exhibitions, sports events and other large events.

Is it hot inside the tent?

It is generally accepted that the inside of a tent can get very hot when the sun is blazing. What are the ways to make the tent cooler?
1. Let the tent height be raised to allow air circulation above the tent. Set the tent height at 5 meters or more, A-toptent roof is the most affordable and economical.
2, open tent edges, ventilation will be obvious. Convection flow wind must be cooler than the closed tent.
3, add air conditioning system. Our tents provide an air conditioning system and an electrical system.

How to customize a clear span tent?

5000 square meter site pitched as a holiday event tent. Old warehouse tents need to be upgraded and refurbished. Old wedding tents need to be renovated. Fortunately, we offer venue measurements and tent design solutions, all free of charge.

Depending on your venue, needs, customized venue renovations are offered, and semi-permanent or permanent temporary structures mean you can save a significant amount of money on expenses. We use environmentally friendly tent materials that do not pollute the environment.

Span WidthBay DistanceEave HeightRidge HeightMain Profile

We use modular construction canopies, so the dimensions of the clear span tents are customizable by the customer. Lengths increase in 5m (16.5ft) digits. Or, you could say 100, 500, 1000 person tents perhaps more simply.

Popular Clear Span Event Tent Styles

More FAQ You Should Know

Do you provide tables and chairs?
Yes, we can provide the tables and chairs.

Do your tents have a waterproof function?
Our tents adopt PVC tarpaulin, which is waterproof.

Do your tents have a fireproofing function?
Yes, our tent itself has inflaming retarding and it can make the open fire burn out automatically in two to three seconds.

Are tents available in different colors?
Yes, we can provide the different colors suit for your need.

Can I use a tent to extent my house?
Yes, if the site permits we can erect a frame unit adjacent to any building.

How many square meters you can install one day?
About 2000sqm can be installed in working hours in a day.

To install a common clear span tent need how many people?
Generally speaking, installing a small or medium-sized clear span tent needs 6 people.

What other safety considerations should you know?
The importance of safety as related to the site survey cannot be over-emphasized. Considerations should be given to obstructions, location, weather, wind exposure, access, exit, and anchoring stability. All tent installers must be aware of and adhere to applicable building codes and fire regulations. Finally, a complete quality checklist would assist in completing a safe installation and should be developed by each individual company.