Tips For Hiring Transparent Wedding Marquees

Wedding Venue Selection

When choosing a wedding or reception party venue, most people have certain criteria in mind when making their selection. Things such as; proximity to the church or the family home, having ample and accessible parking for guests, caterers, and of course the wedding limousine.

In addition, because peoples’ wedding day is often the biggest and most important day of their lives, making sure the venue has a feeling of grandeur and style about it, all helps to create fond memories for many years to come. So for this reason, a transparent wedding tent will help you a lot.

Choosing Wedding Marquees

Therefore, hiring wedding marquee for your special day is the ideal decision. This is because it is perfectly suited to the various complex requirements of organizing your wedding party. The marquee can be easily installed on a variety of flat surfaces and no special platforms are required. So you can decide to place it in an extensive back garden, on concrete, and on the tarmac.

Given the nature of the large marquee, you can hold your wedding or party close to home. It takes just a few minutes to travel from your home to the wedding venue. Sometimes traditional wedding venues, such as mansions and function rooms in five-star hotels, can seem bland and boring. Instead, a wedding in the back garden of your home will feel like a home away from home.

20x30m transparent for Benz Car Show (6)

Usually, a wedding marquee of 1000 square feet is a very popular size. Assuming, for example, that the marquee measures 20x50m, the main outline is 204x110x4mm, the ride height is 4m and the ridge commission is 7.2m. A marquee of this size can easily accommodate over 300 people.


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  • tesla good

    Does Mercedes-Benz still have a celebration party in Germany? Mercedes-Benz cars in Germany are Tesla stole a lot of high-end market.

  • benz

    This is not a wedding tent, it’s for the celebration, right? Have you not noticed that this is a Mercedes-Benz logo?

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