Clear Span Event Tent Clear Top For Vip Banquets

“I have a VIP dinner on the center lawn in three days, you plan it.”

We get rush jobs like this all the time, but we’ve done them perfectly. That’s why I’m going to introduce you to the luxury clear top event tent we’re most proud of.

Since the advent of outdoor wedding parties, organizing an outdoor wedding party event has become very common and easy.

The number of people attending the dinner party is crucial in determining the size of the event tent. The clear span tent can provide a span of 8-100m to fulfill the event space for 10-10,000 people. At the same time, it has no supporting poles to obstruct the interior.

This means that an event tent can house a stage, display area, work area, equipment area and more inside.

On the other hand, you can also choose blackout, transparent and semi-transparent tents for a better visual effect indoors. Transparent tents are very popular for wedding parties. Semi-transparent tents are often used in stadium domes.

We have different kinds of tent side accessories. For example, aluminum door curtains, air conditioners, rain gutters, fences, fans and so on.

The appearance of event tents is not set in stone.

The look of event tents is not set in stone.

As the top net span tent manufacturer in China, we can provide different shapes of event tents. For example, geodesic dome tents, curved tents, cone tents, double-deck tents, and even triple-deck tents.

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  • turner

    Hello everyone, our company is planning a team-building event on the beach and we’re in need of some modular tents for storage and relaxation. Are there any tents designed to withstand the salty sea air and sandy conditions?

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