Clear Top Tents For Outdoor Party Events

Modern life is rich and colorful. There are many large-scale events or wedding banquets in our lives. Whenever you participate in various activities, you can always find different types of clear span tents.

The construction time of a clear span event tent is very short. Usually, skilled workers can complete the construction of thousands of square meters of tents in only three days. Most of the activities are temporary. When the activities are completed or need to be transferred, skilled workers will dismantle, transfer, and rebuild the event tent in a very short time. Compared with concrete buildings, it is more flexible and suitable for site expansion and transformation.

The specification and quantity of the event tent depend on the needs of the organizer. The other detailed requirements, for example, the conventional side height of the exhibition tent is 4-6m. The sidewalls can be soft PVC sidewalls, glass walls, and ABS walls. There are supporting choices such as lighting, carpet, decorative roof linings and curtains, glass doors and windows, air conditioners, etc.

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    We need a large event tent for a wedding as a banquet venue. Please provide us with suitable products for this purpose and the prices along with any additional services.

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