What Is Event Tent

What Is an Event Tent?

A tent, called a tent house, an aluminum alloy canopy, is a kind of movable building. The tent mainly provides industrial storage, logistics distribution, wedding banquet, outdoor exhibition, sports events, tourism and leisure, commercial gathering, celebration, business promotion, military use and disaster relief, and other kinds of temporary movable tents.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver An Event Tent?

In practice, the erection of an event tent is divided into the steps of setting up the platform, installing the ground pegs, installing the tent supports, and pulling the tarpaulin. Usually, a tent under 500 square meters can be delivered in just one day. Some tents with special roof shapes may take a little longer. But, trust me, it’s really quick. The next step is to install all the furniture, appliances, decorations, etc.

How Long Does It Take To Set Up A Wedding Marquee For 200 People?

The stage, dance floor, and banqueting area are the main areas of a wedding party. Usually, the more spacious the space the more likely it is to feel comfortable, even luxurious. So, with 3 square meters of event area per person and the necessary areas such as equipment and equipment, it is recommended that this wedding tent needs to be at least 700 square meters. This means a space of 25*30, 20*35, or 20*40 more.

The color of your marquee is something to consider – not all wedding marquees are white, your wedding has a theme and color scheme which means you need to consider the color of your event marquee. A high-quality marquee is worth the slightly higher cost – you don’t want a worn, torn, damaged, or discolored marquee at your wedding.

How long do event tents last?

Generally speaking, an aluminium event tent, if used properly, can last 10 years or more. Its main components are divided into the frame, the firmware and the covering fabric. The tent frame lasts even longer. In harsh climatic areas, the firmware is checked every five years and repaired depending on the extent of damage. The covering fabric is recommended to be replaced every three to five years.

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