Aluminum Structural 400 People Large Event Tents For Sale

400 people, large event tents are very popular for outdoor activities this time. As you can see in the pictures, this aluminum structural large event tent with a glass wall system looks more elegant and luxurious than a mini castle.

Benefits of having a glass wall

These large event tents with glass walls have different sizes, colors, and designs. If you need one, just let us know the requirements, then we can customize it. What’s more, all of our aluminum structure large event tents can be used for both temporary or permanent purposes and we have different fixing methods for you.

Finally, the large event-for-sale aluminum structure from LIRI TENT is really easy to set up and dismantle. It is really amazing.

Why choose arc tent

Most of the mega-exhibitions choose the A-top span event tent. Small and medium-sized exhibitions will choose the arc tent. The reason for this is that the crowd of the exhibition is decided.

Small exhibitions usually have only one core theme, while large exhibitions have multiple themes. The single theme attracts a professional audience.

The curved top span tent is special in appearance. It is a transitional shape of the A-top tent, like a rainbow across the top of the tent.

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