20x40m Dome Event Tent for 1000 People Event Centre

The dome tent is one of our newest products, which is a event tent for 1000 people. More and more clients prefer this tent because of its special and elegant shape.

The dome event tent series are also modular structures in bay distance of 5m according to the clients’ requirement. The main frameworks (upright support and roof beam) are manufactured with high pressed extruded anodized aluminum (6061) and the double-sided PVC roof covers use PVC-coated polyester textile. The flame retardance is based on the European standard DIN 4102B1, M2.

event tent for 1000 people

Features of event tent for 1000 people

The dome tent design is very durable and strong and the wind loading is 100 kg/hr. It is convenient and easy to set up and tear down. It is easy to store because of its small volume. This tent like the Big tent has a wide range of applications for temporary events. Whether you want to construct a temporary or permanent tent both are an excellent choice. This type of structure is superior because of its fast installation, dismantling, and transportation and because of its strength and security.

Dome tents not only look better in appearance, but their security is also stronger.

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