Outdoor Gazebo Tent for Golf VIP Lounge

Our Gazebo Pagoda Tent is one of the most popular tent series which is suitable for all kinds of event. The following pictures shown is our Pagoda Tent as Golf VIP Lounge in Europe.




The standard Pagoda Tent Series is available in 3x3m, 4x4m, 5x5m, and 6x6m. It has a side height of 2.5m. This type of Pagoda Tent adopts a 3 channel 65x65x2.5mm aluminum alloy main profile. The standard 8x8m and 10x10m Pagoda with a 2.6m side height adopts a 4 channel 122x68x3mm aluminum alloy main profile. Wind loading capacity is 80km/h(0.3kn/m2). Pagoda Tent can be used as a single unit or combined to enlarge space and become a special structure style with a rain gutter.

For the detail, please refer to the following chart,

Model No.WidthLengthEave HeightRidge HeightMain Profile Size

System Features,

1, Elegant high peak roof line

2, Easy assemble and dismantle

3, No machinery required

4, Patented roof cover fixation of aluminum tube exclusive by Liri Tent

5, The new roof cover fixation reduce the assemble time and physical effort prevent keder slip out mostly

6, Single unit but can be combined by a rain gutter to make a larger space and a special structure style

For the technical data and the new fixation mode, please refer to the following picture,


For details, please contact me,

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