Sports Event Tents For Sports Stadium Improvement

Modern people’s quality of life is getting better and better, but the time for sports is decreasing, maybe because the number of sports venues is decreasing. Therefore, we have introduced the sports event tent, which is the best solution for the shortage of “temporary” sports venues.

Framed Sports Event Tents

When you plan to convert your “unused” space into a basketball court, tennis court, or other sports arena, we can provide you with the size and style. Usually, a 12*36m clear span event tent can accommodate two standard basketball courts and other objects. For tent top shape, you can choose A-shaped top, arcum tent, or polygon tent.

The advantage of frame event tents is the fast installation and dismantling, as well as the flexibility to choose accessories. You can choose from simple shade tents, event tents with side canopies, and sports event tents with full equipment.

Operating Professional Sports Event Tents

What makes traditional basketball and tennis stadiums professional is their venue planning, chandeliers, hanging signs, spectator seating, lockers, lounges, equipment rooms, and a host of other accessories. Actually, sports event tents can also be installed with the exact same equipment and achieve year-round operation.


Sports Event Tent Dimensions

Span Whidth Eave Height Ridge Height Bay Distance Main Profile
20m4m9.42m5m204x120x4mm (4 - channel)
25m4m11.72m5m256x121x5mm (4 - channel)
30m4m13.2m5m256x121x5mm (4 - channel)
40m4m15.4m5m300x120x5mm (4 - channel)
50m4m16m5m300x120x5mm (4 - channel)
60m4m17m5m400x120x7mm (4 - channel)
80m6m21.5m5m500x150x7/8mm (4 - channel)


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