Nice Design Tent Used for Outdoor Church

Promotional tents and canopies can be seen at every trade show, conference, county fair, school carnival, sporting event, concession stand, street fair and church bizarre. Retail dealers use them for special indoor/outdoor events, usually simply called “tent sales.” They can come in sizes as small as 10 feet by 10 feet or as large as 400 feet by 200 feet. ┬áIn truth, the tent is not only use for promotion, events, parties, it can also use for church. Noramlly, for the normally size, 20x50m will be a very popular size, it can cover about 1200 people.

church tent

Tent 20x50m, with 204x110x4mm, 100km/h, this zie of tent is a very popu;ar size for different functions, and with a mature system, it can not only fix with the white pvc sidewalls, it can also fix with the glass walls, ABS walls, sandwich walls and more.



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