Nice Decoration Event Tent 20x35m For Outdoor Gathering

Sometimes people are looking for some large building for the outdoor gathering party, but it is very costly and difficult. Here a large event tent will be very helpful and a good option. The event tent is very flexible no matter for the size, and also the design, the most important thing is the cost is low. Nowadays, in many countries, people will prefer to use them for outdoor event rental business.

25x50m tent for outdoor event (3)

For the 20m clear span tent, it is one of the most popular sizes in our company, the main profile of this size is 204x120x4mm( 4-channel), with galvanized steel connection pieces, rendered fabric system, bar tensioning roof system, interchangeable parts between sizes, wind load 100 km/h, with full-line accessories. The standard eave height of the tent is 4m. The modular design enables the tent to increase or decrease its length by 5m bay basis. Customized design is available.


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