Clear Span Event Tents Rentals


The use of clear-span tents is widespread, from backyard parties to exhibition events, offering a wide range of sizes in different stylistic shapes.

Usually, due to unpredictable weather elements and the need for a temporary space to keep the wind and rain out, people choose to hire a marquee to provide protection for their guests. With our engineers’ years of experience in erecting tents and skilled use of a wide range of engineering equipment.

Scope of use of span tents

Around the world, we have provided quality clear-span tents for a variety of small and large events, as well as for clients with different needs, and have received unanimous acclaim. Examples include luxury wedding events, large corporate annual conferences, sporting events, mall-themed events, e-commerce storage warehouses, and many more.

Single-opening event tent

When we recommend a marquee shape, we start by providing you with inspiration from past events, for example, a fully transparent or translucent marquee for a wedding party, a unique shaped marquee with a round or pointed roof for a small commercial event, or a reliable A-top marquee with air conditioning, ventilation, glass walls, tables, and chairs, etc. for a large exhibition.

Of course, to create a fresh and memorable visual effect at the event. A white or transparent tarp for the tent roof, or a custom-printed tent cover, will have a particularly attractive appearance. Inside the tent use polished wooden floors or custom patterned carpets, with floating line decorations hanging in the air, together with LED light strips in various forms.


Clear and simple tent structure

The design of the central area of the tent is of great importance and it is recommended that you have a deep understanding of the motivation of the event, the intentions of the attendees in order to design a clear span tent that achieves results.

It may not be too difficult to plan a successful event. If you are planning or about to host a party or important event, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to give you our professional advice.


6 thoughts on “Clear Span Event Tents Rentals

  • michael

    Hi, I’m organising an outdoor music festival and I’m on the hunt for some distinctive modular tents to serve as a stage backdrop. What kind of customisation services do you offer? Can we get the tents in specific shapes, colours, and patterns?

  • cat

    Do I need to file with those agencies to use net span activities in the US? I really need to know the answer urgently.

  • hugo22

    It looks like you have a big site. Can you tell me what the rental fee is for this temporary tent.

  • joyce

    Hello, what is the cost of the temporary use of this simple tent, and how much does it cost to set up the workers. I am an engineering and construction agent, can I transfer the local business of used tent rental to me. Please email me.

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