Event Tent With Transparent Roof

By the end of every year, Many companies will start planning various annual meeting activities, flower markets, New Year’s Eve events, and New Year’s countdown.

In order to have a large enough event space, an atmospheric and unique appearance design, and reduce the cost of activities, most companies will give priority to clear span event tents as the annual meeting event space. Liri structure will help you quickly build an activity tent that will satisfy you.


Transparent event tent

Transparent tents are very common in weddings and specialty restaurants. The original white tarp is replaced with a fully transparent substance, which has a very large visual impact.

Of course. Such as A-type tents, arc tents, cube tents, geodesic dome tents, etc., the types are very diverse. Different types of glass curtain wall with different shapes of tents can meet the needs of different levels of people.

Transparent event tents are often used in banquet restaurants. It has no internal coverings, which greatly facilitates the arrangement of internal furniture. 100% of the space inside the tent is utilized, and fabric curtains are used to cover various equipment and devices. For example, music parties, weddings, etc.

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