Aluminum Event Tent For Conference Meeting Room

Clear Span Tent is one of the most versatile commercial event buildings. If you need a temporary and functional outdoor temporary space, the Clear Span Tent is the perfect choice. It is purchased or rented for many sporting events, tradeshows, business meetings, and other official outdoor events.

The Clear Span Tent is constructed using an aerospace-quality T6 aluminum alloy for the entire frame, which is held in place by a galvanized steel base. Therefore, the Clear Span Tent can also be called the Aluminum Event Tent. It has a typical service life of about 30 years and can withstand winds of 8-10 gusts.

Why Aluminum Event Tent?

The Aluminum Event Tent is available in interior heights from 4-12 meters. Of course, a top height of 6 meters or more will make it more difficult to install electric lights, pendants, draperies, and other hangings. At the same time, you will need to customize the aluminum doors and windows to match the height. In sports event tent cases, for better heat dissipation, large ceiling fans, ventilation ducts, drainage pipes, etc. can be hung from the top of the tent.

Any kind of event tent can have external air conditioners, ventilators, air exchange equipment, and other tools. At the same time, it can also be used like a store to place advertising boards around the perimeter, whether it is the front, front, or side of the store. You can even request a themed event tent.

Pick from a large selection of Aluminum Event Tents to find the best outdoor experience. These aluminum tents are suitable for any terrain. Provide excellent temporary space for harsh outdoor weather conditions and rainstorms. The experience of using these products is worth every penny.

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  • Williams

    Our event requires a lightweight, easy-to-set-up tent. Could you provide some options that meet our needs and quotations?

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