The New Sports Hall – Sports Event Tents

Fitness is a popular topic. However, fitness gyms are very limited and most of them are outdoor fitness venues. If it is a hot day, rain, wind, or snow will not be available.

We have a range of sports tents which can be used for basketball, football, tennis, swimming pools and much more. Inside the tents, you can perfectly install areas such as equipment rooms, kiosks, stands, etc. It can even be used as a sports hall for official matches. In fact, these tents are now used for most street games.

What Is The Cost Of A Sports Hall Tent´╝č

Converting an outdoor venue into an indoor gymnasium can be a significant expense in terms of construction lead time, raw materials, and labor costs. However, the basketball tent takes just over 10 days from production to completion of erection. All the tent materials and frames can be completed in the factory, saving labor costs significantly.

Will It Stand Up To High Winds?

The main frame of the tent is made of aluminum alloy, steel parts are connected and the base is fixed, the mechanical properties are strong and the wind resistance can reach 8-10 levels, the aluminum alloy is light and easy to transport, and the roof has a special internal cross-pull wire rope for snow resistance.

What Special Decorative Features Are Available?

The venue can be surrounded by additional lounge seating and the interior of the tent can be fitted with a range of facilities and equipment such as LED lights, ceiling fans, and air conditioning.

Event-Tent not only offers tents for basketball courts, but also for badminton, volleyball, football, swimming and many more. Common tent shapes are herringbone roofs, peach roofs, and curved roofs. There are also a variety of tent walls to choose from, such as glass walls, abs panels, sandwich panels, etc.

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