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How to determine the size of the event tent?

The first consideration for renting an event tent is the use area. All temporary tents are modular assemblies. The length is extended by modular bay 3m or 5m. It is recommended to measure the length and width of the site before deciding. Sometimes the maximum height and eave height needs to be considered. It is recommended to consult a professional salesman and engineer for field measurement and confirmation.


What kind of tent is suitable for me?

There are many kinds of exhibition tents. From the appearance, there are many types, such as A-frame, flat roof, arcum, geodesic dome, hexagonal, octagonal and so on. A-frame design is the most commonly used, and other types are selected according to your needs.


What are the sidewalls of the tent?

Different sidewalls can present different visual effects or practical functions. We have various colors of block-out PVC fabric, transparent PVC fabric, clear windows PVC sidewalls, tempered glass walls, ABS walls and other walls for you to choose from.


What are the requirements for the site?

The temporary tent does not have high requirements for the construction site, cement ground, lawn, beach and only a flat land can be built. Even the slightly curved ground can be leveled with simple treatment (such as a scaffolding system).


How long will it take to build a 1000 square meter temporary tent?

The construction speed of the event tent is very fast, and one day can build about 1000 square meters tent. However, it is still necessary to consider the pre-approval, construction difficulty, construction equipment and vehicle mobilization. It is recommended to contact the tent company for confirmation in advance.


Which tent accessories can be selected?

In order to achieve the ideal effect, the interior and exterior of the tent can be decorated. For example, booth, floor, tables and chairs, decorative roof lining and curtains, sound, air conditioner and other internal facilities. The sidewalls of the tent can be decorated with advertising panels. These can be purchased by themselves or rented from the exhibition tent company.


What’s the price of the event tent?

The rental price of the exhibition tent depends on the size, type, lease period, construction scheme and whether there are additional services. Regular exhibition tent Companies will provide relevant contract documents and quotations.