6m Clean Span PVC Roof Cover Event Tent for Lounge

We have different sizes of PVC roof cover event tent to accommodate 100 people, 150 people or more.

Span WidthBay DistanceEave HeightRidge HeightMain Profile
The length can be extended by 3m bay such as 6m,9m,12m,15m…Customized size is available.

What’s more, we can offer your different shapes of the tent based on your requirements, such as the high peak tent, polygon tent, arcum tent, dome tent, double-decker tent. So if you need any of the tents for different applications, LIRI TENT will be your good choice.

pvc roof cover event tent
pvc event tent

Here are the technical data of the 6m clean span PVC roof cover event tent with the aluminum structure for the lounge for your reference:


Optional Accessories for the Event Tent

1. Cassette floor or economic wooden floor
2. Decoration liners(roof liner and side liner)
3. Glass door+glass wall
4. French window
5. ABS solid wall
6. Steel Sheet Plate Wall or Sandwich panel wall(perfect for warehouse)
7. Lights(standard lights&Crystal Chandelier)
8. Air conditioners

party tent

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