12m high peak wedding tent with PVC roof cover

Liri Tent’s temporary and permanent modular structure solutions of 12m clear span high peak tent with a waterproof PVC roof cover for party weddings. We 100% Guarantee your Satisfaction.

Familiar paths and old friends are the best. The movable high peak tent with a waterproof PVC roof cover for a party with old friends, family, or colleagues and having chat with everything once free, it’s quite a comfortable way to enjoy life. If It’s with decorations, it also can be for the luxury banquet party, conferences, weddings, and more events. How can we do it? The Liri Tent can help you make it become true.

During Liri Tent’s 19 years of history, we have completed a lot of projects both at home and abroad. For Example, 2015 the World Athletic Championship in Beijing, the 2015 Longines Beijing International Equestrian Master Competition, and Double Decker for Golf VIP Lounge in Sweden.

mixed party tent 12x32m with double high peaks (1)

Here is the technical data, and we can enlarge and diminish the tent based on your requirements.


There are many accessories for your tent, glass wall system, glass door, lining and curtain, and so on to make your tent more elegant.

High Peak Tent

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