3000sq fp Polygon Marquee Construction Cycle

The duration of the event is tight, and we can’t find a suitable venue to hold the event. What should we do?

The construction period is too long, which directly affects the project period and wastes funds. Therefore, the prefabricated tent structure appeared, which is suitable for temporary venues and perfectly makes up for the defects of traditional buildings.


The 50-meter span polygon marquee takes only one week from material preparation to installation. And only costs one week time to build up a 3000 square meters polygon marquee construction cycle and put into use it.

Polygon shape design

The roof of the polygon marquee can be a rainbow across the sea. The undulating roof can perfectly solve the problem of snow and ponding. We adopt industrial aluminum alloy to make the structures, which are safe and environment-friendly, corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant, can resist grade 8 strong wind, and is very firm, stable, safe and beautiful.

Large span has no limit

This prefabricated tent structure has one advantage which can be combined as different shape buildings. The maximum span can reach 80m and the length can be extended indefinitely. Moreover, the extension length does not affect the construction cycle.

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