The role of medical tent for medical emergency

Nowadays, the Covid-19 has been impacting the whole world and millions of patients need treatment. So quick assemble of the medical emergency tent will be a necessary solution.

The modular movable medical tent is easy to assemble and disassemble without damaging to the site. The medical tent is weatherproof for different seasons. It is a new modular design prefabricated type of tent which with a 5m bay distance as one unit modular and length can be 100m max.

In fact, emergency tents are not only for a medical emergency but also suitable for relief in ventilation and places of awful weather. For some international medical teams, they need to help people from remote villages such as eye diseases, febrile diseases, sexually transmitted viruses, mosquito-borne diseases, and others.

Currently, the city crisis is covid-19 around and medical teams need to provide disaster relief as quickly as they can. Our tents are made of durable industry aluminum and PVC fabric. The clear span width from 3m to 100m, the length can be extended due to customers’ demand.

Our medical tents are transported to different countries and used as hospitals, quarantines, warehouses and medical dormitories. It is the best option with high efficiency.

Outdoor, Celebration, Wedding Clear Span Tent

I was impressed with the design of the clear span tent.

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When I stepped into this bustling exhibition, an imposing aluminum clear span tent immediately caught my eye.

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Exploring the Aluminum Clear Span Tent, I felt the convenience and comfort like never before.

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    We need an active tent that can accommodate multiple people. Please provide some tent types and specifications suitable for family camping or team activities.

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