China Open tennis tent designated suppliers – LIRI TENT

 Because the official tent supplier for the The far east Open,Liri Camping tent offers beautiful Pagoda Tents,special Arcum Camping tents,useful A shape tents and luxury Dual Decker Tents with this game.

 half dome tent for 2014 China Open in Beijing (1)
The actual Double Decker Tent can be used as the VIP cafe. Using the Double Decker Tent,just property was made 200% utilization of . The actual Double Decker Camping tent is actually consisted of 2 floors. The total section of it is 6600sqm,the actual width is actually 30m and also the length is 110m. It may accommodate a lot more than 4000 individuals. The roof cover of the tent is made through energy protected PVC fabric,with heat insulation,upkeep and thermostatic effect. The rooftop include is also water-resistant,fire retardant as well as Ultra violet resistant. The body is very steady and safe,as it is made from challenged aluminum alloy,the actual place for the tent can also be made from aluminum alloy. The actual light weight aluminum alloy is never getting rust and also the link between various parts is extremely precise.
The unique Arcum Tent is used as the protection examine. The style of this creative roofing line has brought both the exterior and inside look of the tent to the upper level. And the The shape tents are used as heath center,workplace and solution workplace. Because the A form camping tent has the longest background,it looks really steady and safe. The Pagoda Camping tent is used because Very important personel entry. The elegant higher peak roofing collection makes the camping tents looks elegant and fashionable.

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    We are planning to climb a mountain and need an active tent that is wind-resistant, rain-proof, and warm. Could you recommend some relevant types and brands?

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