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Spring is almost upon us and the party tent rental season is almost here. While rental companies are gearing up for the season, tent renters are starting to plan their events.

about the Gable frame tent

We will begin with the most common and the oldest to the tent rental industry the pole tent. A pole tent requires a set of poles arranged beneath the vinyl top to support the structure. The pole tent top is tensioned over the poles and attached to anchoring devices at tensioning points around the pole tent tops perimeter. The pole tent top is anchored to the surface generally using stakes. On smaller tents, it is also possible to anchor the tents using weights. Many rental companies offers 2 types of anchoring systems for our pole tent tops: traditional rope and our ratchet buckle system.

Frame tents are popular for events that require smaller tents. Frame tents require no center poles or center supports, giving the optimum amount of space available.

The next frame tent I will discuss is a gable frame tent. The gable end frame tent differs from the standard frame tent in the appearance of the ends of the tent.

The gable end frame tent has a double sloping roof which forms a triangular section (gable) at each end of the pitched roof. The rigid framework allows the tent to be freestanding. A gable frame tent will require some type of anchoring system, such as ropes, ratchets, or cables, to hold it in place.

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