Small Dome Tent for Rest in the Sport Event

The elegant small dome tent is specially designed for the small party, aisle for the big tent, a lounge for the sport event and so on.


The span widths of Dome Mini Party Tent series are available in 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m,8m, and the length has no limit, which can be increased or decreased by 3m bay distance. Please refer to the following chart to get more details,

Model No. Span Width Length Eave Height Ridge Height Bay Distance Main Profile
DMPT3/260 3m unlimited 2.6m 3m 3m 71x36x2.5mm
DMPT4/260 4m unlimited 2.6m 3.2m 3m 71x36x2.5mm
DMPT5/260 5m unlimited 2.6m 3.4m 3m 71x36x2.5mm
DMPT6/260 6m unlimited 2.6m 3.6m 3m 71x36x2.5mm
DMPT8/260 8m unlimited 2.6m 4m 3m 71x36x2.5mm



System Features

–Fine shape with a dome roofline.

–Flexible connection with any position on another tent.

–Excellent walkway solution.

–Easy to set up and dismantle without machinery.

–Aluminium clear span structure.

–No exterior guy lines are required.

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