Transparent Top Tent for Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding has become a new trend in the past few years, but how to make sure the fluence of the wedding, will become a question. Normally, to make the preparation for the bad weather, the tent will be a very good option for you. Some people make like to hold their wedding at night, therefore, a transparent tent will offer you some surprise.

25x25m transparent tent for hotel (17)

For the tent, the main frameworks( upright support and roof beam) of the Event Tent series are a 4-channel profile size of 152x119x3.5mm hard pressed extruded aluminum.

  • ¬†Four-channel aluminum frame.
  • Galvanized steel connection pieces.
  • Kindred fabric system.
  • Bar tensioning roof system.
  • Interchangeable parts between sizes.
  • No exterior guy lines are required.
  • Full line accessories.


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