Customer-Made Aluminium Industrial Warehouse Tent

Liri’s industrial storage tents and warehouse tents are the ideal choice for industry. We sell all sizes of clear-span tents. Industrial storage tents provide you with short-term and professional temporary storage facilities. Of course, you can also ask us to “Customer-Made” the industrial event tent you need.

High-quality storage tents with electrical, roof hangers, insulated walls, and wide door frames. The storage tent can be an ideal alternative to a professional warehouse when there is insufficient space in the warehouse. Traditional heavy-duty commercial warehouses take a long time to build and are costly and labor-intensive.

Warehouse clear span tent

Logistics warehouse clear span tent

Industrial clear span tents

Flexible clear-span warehouse tents for sale

The Liri storage tent is made of reinforced aluminum alloy and double PVC fiber fabric, with the addition of optional equipment to improve practical functionality. It can be used as a temporary outdoor office or as a temporary warehouse, providing an efficient and adaptable temporary space. For the storage of materials, supplies, and equipment, as well as simple temporary production workshops.

  • Eaves heights: from 2.60m to 8.00m.
  • Clear span widths: from 10m to 60m.
  • Shape: A-frame clear span construction or a combination of different roof forms.
  • Wind resistance: up to 100 km/h winds.

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