30x35m Aluminum Double Decker Tent For University Stadiums And Events

In the long run, any sports field will need shelters or shelters to protect the equipment. Popular sports, such as basketball, tennis, badminton, and swimming will be protected and managed by fixed buildings. However, some small venues under 100m do not have enough money to erect a fixed structure and it will be time-consuming and costly.

Our most recent installation was a clear span double decker event tent for a university. They needed to provide a multi-purpose space for an outdoor field that would be sheltered from the wind and rain. Not only can it be used for indoor basketball and tennis courts, but also for indoor sports classes for students. From daily projects to professional competitions, there is a high demand for the tent’s compatibility and expandability.

We offer 30x35m frame tents with bi-fold aluminum glass doors, covered terraces, powerful ventilation fans, and fully functional equipment rooms. We achieve 100% utilization of interior space without destroying the terrain.

This frame movable tent is a good solution to the trouble of semi-permanent use for small sites. It can be customized on-demand at the right venue.

2 thoughts on “30x35m Aluminum Double Decker Tent For University Stadiums And Events

  • Mistry

    Does the tent get hot. How to heat and ventilate the tent. My institution is planning to remove the old equipment room for renovation. Do you have a practical solution to help me.

  • Yadav

    The sun is so powerful that it’s really impossible to play sports outdoors without a shade cover. The institution’s love for students can be seen in many ways.
    The structural tents are really great for protecting the sports equipment. It’s where we have all our classes.

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