20x30m Transparent Event Tent Structure for Auto Show

Everyone likes perfection and wants a safe, sturdy tent for their upcoming guests. Maybe you’ve already picked a spot, but don’t have the tools or expertise to set up a tent.

This time, Liri Architecture accepted the task of building a 20x30M  Mercedes Benz press conference tent, so that the exhibition vehicles avoid exposure to the sun, rain, and rain. We need to come up with practical, effective, and cost-saving plans for the tent.

Luxury transparent event tent for Benz
600 square meters transparent event tent for Benz

A structure with a clearspan from Liri Tent can afford an unobstructed view of the interior and is easy to arrange without obstacles. It is an aluminum frame with a transparent PVC roof cover. Luxury interior decoration like linings & curtains, lighting, sound system makes your event unique.

tent technical

Thanks to the modular design, the tent’s width can range from 10 meters to 60 meters, and the length can be increased by 5 meters, making the sturdy structure more capable of coping with larger events.

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