White Is the Perfect Colour for Your Wedding Marquee

This can be a lot easier than you might think. All that it takes is a bit of imagination, coupled with a flair for the unexpected and a touch of excellence. Is that a tall order? Not at all! Traditional white marquees for weddings are a lot more flexible than they are given credit for, and it all starts in the mind’s eye.


Every generation wants to improve on the one before. They see their parents’ era as old-fashioned and stale. If white marquees for weddings on beautiful summer days were popular in mum and dad’s day, the current generation wants to do something different, something more modern, something altogether better. And why not.


The first thing to do is get rid of the canvas tent image; it reeks of army life, boy scouts and weekends spent battling flies, ants, wasps and other annoying creepy crawlies. Introduce a feeling of elegance that elevates the marquee into the realm of the sublime. How can this be achieved? Ah, now that’s the secret, isn’t it.



It’s no secret, actually. It just takes making the interior of the marquee appear more suitable for a wedding atmosphere. Introduce furniture. Chairs and couches that are placed strategically allow guests to sit a while and relax. A few tables, small ones perhaps, to exude the feelings of practical cosiness that tents are not normally associated with, will work well. Other items of furniture, even pieces with no obvious use, can be introduced as well, to provide exactly the right kind of setting. Many people like white for that color stand for truth and purity, they want their love full of Purity and withour any dirt.



Next, we need the right kind of atmosphere. This can be achieved through lighting. Avoid bright lights. They may let people see what is going on around them, but they also kill off that special allure that dim, strategically placed, coloured lighting can achieve. Lighting can make a white marquee appear any colour. It can make it appear larger, smaller, wider or taller – whatever you choose. In short, it can make traditional white marquees for weddings look just as it did in your vision.


The way that the marquee is lined can have a strong effect. You can opt for a classic drape style, or go with something funky and lively. You can make it seem regal and proud, or tasteful and elegant. Star cloth, perhaps? With the strategic placement of furniture, the right degree of lighting, and the perfect interior lining, the drab, ordinary marquee is transformed into something quite special. Traditional white event marquees for weddings can and should be transformed into that.


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