Luxury Outdoor Event Tent For Wedding

Luxury Outdoor Event Tent For Wedding

The Outdoor Event Tent is very beautiful, it’s very popular around the wedding, you can use the lining and inside curtain to decorate the tent, it must be looking very nice, and to hold the wedding in this beautiful tent, you can have a good memory, besides this tent can be used for other occasions, such as the warehouse, restaurant, party, sports and so on…

liri 15x30m wedding tent


Specification of the outdoor event wedding tents

                                                                                              Big  Event Wedding Tent Series
Model No. Width (m) Length(m) Eave height (m) Ridge height (m) Bay distance (m) Roof pitch Longest component (m)          Wind load Aluminum main profile
BT10m/400 10 10m +5m more 3.88 5.53 5 18° 5.97  





BT12m/400 12 10m +5m more 3.88 5.83 5 18° 6.5
BT15m/400 15 10m +5m more 3.88 6.3 5 18° 8.1
BT18m/400 18 10m +5m more 3.88 6.6 5 18° 10.07
BT20m/400 20 10m +5m more 3.88 7.1 5 18° 10.07
BT21m/400 21 10m +5m more 3.88 7.25 5 18° 11.24
BT25m/400 25 10m +5m more 3.88 7.88 5 18° 10.7
General Package: 1. Aluminum Frame–membrane film 2. Hardware–solid carton box 3. Tent cover–PVC carry bag.
Note: The longest parts determine the kinds of containers you use to transport the cargo.
20 feet container: Inner size: 5.69×2.13×2.18m;  Usable Volume: 24-26CBM;  Allowed Weight: 17.5 ton
40 feet container: Inner size: 11.8×2.13×2.18m;  Usable Volume: 54CBM;  Allowed Weight: 22 ton
40 feet high cube container: Inner size: 11.8×2.13×2.72m;  Usable Volume: 68CBM;  Allowed Weight: 22 ton


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    We are looking for an affordable, easy-to-clean tent for our event. Could you recommend some products and provide quotations?

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