Seven Types of Rental Tents For Your Meeting Or Party

Rental tents can be found in lots of types and sizes. Equally, as Microsoft offers a number of products for their customers, tent and party rental publication rack constantly preparing their inventories and tinkering with services depending on customer demand. While there are a large number of tent styles on the market, they are able to be classified into seven distinct types.


Such a tent is identified by its box-beam design, A-shaped support structure, as well as lack of any interior, supports, or exterior tie-downs (guy-lines). It is for both short and long-term rentals (a couple of days to years) with minimal maintenance which is the strongest and most safe from natures elements tent for the rental market. It generally rents for further money than any other style tent.

Clear span tents are modular and range in space from 100 sq . ft . to in excess of 100,000 sq ft. The Eustyle is by far the most popular tent rented or sold in the United States because of great utility and quick and easy installation.


The curved beam clear span tent has many of the same popular features of the eustyle but runs on the curved beam support structure as opposed to the classic A-shaped frame. The curved beam style is utilized by mostly smaller rental companies and is not particularly popular.


TENSION TENTS (single center pole)

This type of tent is seen as its use of constant tension on all the fabric (not only support bands) which is a crucial part of the tents design and engineering. A tension tent traditionally has interior poles and exterior guy-lines for support and can be manufactured in several size and shapes. The only center pole design only requires one row of center poles running down the middle of the tent

TENSION TENTS (twin center poles)

This type of tension tent is comparable to the single center pole design with the exception that it utilizes two (twin) rows of center poles which enable for a larger tent.

FRAME TENTS (hip roof style)

Frame tents are produced of round tube aluminum and steel fittings developing a framework this agreement the pad roof is attached. The framework carries the load along with the fabric merely acts as a weather barrier. Frame tents generally are smaller, ranging in dimensions from 100 feet square to 3,200 sq ft.

FRAME TENTS (peaked roof style)

Similar to the hip roof style tent except that it utilizes an aesthetically appealing peaked roof.


A pole tent s what we traditionally imagine being a circus-style tent. It is pole supported and is also tensioned via guy-lines and stakes. It’s still popular but is losing value more highly to tension and clearspan tents for a number of reasons for example design, size, strength, and weather resistance.

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