Recommendation from LIRI: party Tent, Your best Choice

n the mind of many people,purchasing or renting an Event Tent is not a good choice for an outside event,various reasons are existing,such as high costing,complicated assembly,difficult layout. In fact,everything is comparative,in our opinion,it is a better selection to use an Event Tent as an outside activity site.

Liri is capable to provide a variety of tents,different types are suitable for different kinds of events,and we also can customize appropriate sizes according to your activity scale. Meanwhile,due to The specialty of the marquee structures,Event Tents can provide you a maximum usable area. Different from traditional buildings,which have a lot pillars and walls as blocks,you are allowed to decorate tents as what as you want.

Easy installation is another edge of choosing Event Tent,it is suitable for all kinds of outdoor sites. As long as a piece of flat ground,it will be workable to install a safe and steadfast tent via different fixing solution. Only several hours are required to complete the installation. When the activity is finished,you just need to dismantle it. So there is no double it provides a flexible and commodious space.

This kind of tent is our latest design tent, if you want to know more information, please contact us.

Chloe Yu

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