Pagoda Tent used for Outdoor Sport Tent

Pagoda Tent is multifuntional, it is not only used for outdoor reception, party, event, VIP rooms, but also used for outdoor sport tent.

It can use for the temporary rest room, like the Marathon, horse racing and so on.


pagoda 5x5m for Asian Games

System Features

–Fine shape with a dome roof line

–Flexible connection with any position on another tent

–Excellent walkway solution

–Easy to set up and dismantle without machinery

–Aluminium clear span structure

–No exterior guy lines required


Type Span Width Bay Distance Eave Height Ridge Height Main Profile
PAG 3m/9.8′ 3m/9.8′ 2.5m 4.3m  65x65x2.5mm(3-channel)
PAG 4m/13′ 4m/13′ 2.5m 4.8m 65x65x2.5mm(3-channel)
PAG 5m/16.4′ 5m/16.4′ 2.5m 5.43m 65x65x2.5mm(3-channel)
PAG 6m/19.7′ 6m/19.7′ 2.5m 5.92m 65x65x2.5mm(3-channel)
PAG 8m/26.2′ 8m/26.2′ 2.6m 5.36m 122x68x3mm(3-channel)
PAG 10m/32.8′ 10m/32.8′ 2.6m 6.38m 122x68x3mm(3-channel)


Pagoda Tent 3m

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