Enjoy Your Outdoor Sport with Liri’s Tent

A very popular recreational activity among many young people is an outdoor sport. Where you can find a good place to hold an outdoor large sport like basketball, tennis, badminton, etc. Structure tents from Liri will be your best option.

LIRI TENT for Swimming Pool 02

With a high-quality modular construction system, sports tents from Liri offer you a particularly large size, shape. This tried, tested and widely approved method of modular construction allows the user to create solutions for providing cost-efficient, functional, safe, and attractive outdoor.

Mini stadium tent from Liri Tent (3)_副本

The range of sports tents from Liri is available in width spans from 15m to 60m. The modular construction of these eye-catching, crowd-stopping tents can be built to any length by adding 5m distance bays. Build what you want.

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