Key Factors for Exhibition Event Tent Rental

Exhibition event tent rental is an emerging industry because it ensures the exhibitions are impacted by weather factors in an ideal place. Nowadays, what do we need to be concerned about among lots of exhibition tent rental companies? Several key factors play an important role including the staff for tent set up, routine maintenance, and durability.

Three ways to find a suitable exhibition tent

First, all the exhibition tent rental companies should be equipped to build a team with capable staff. They can set up any size tents from their own company varying from pagoda tents for small parties to large tents to house hundreds of people.

LIRI’s engineering team have been serviced the Canton, Auto exhibition, and other large-scale exhibitions for many years and able to set up thousands of area in square meters efficiently and correctly. In addition, we are flexible enough to ensure the tent setup process under a variety of adverse weather.

LG液晶平板奠基仪式 (112)

Secondly, it is required to have regular inspection and maintenance immediately after the exhibition tents usage. It needs to be checked whether there is a tarp break or tear and clean stains on the PVC surface. PVC should be cleaned even if only a little dirty on the tent surface. Moreover, it should have the breach repaired as soon as possible.

Last but not least, durability is one of the significant factors for rental tents. It can save time and money with durable tents. As high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province, LIRI Tent insists to apply the highest quality materials to create the highest quality tents. In normal usage, the lifespan for LIRI’s PVC fabric is 5-8 years and 15-20 years for an aluminum frame.

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    Hi, I am a local construction agency in London, UK. I think your company’s strength and tent products are very good. Please tell me if you are interested in cooperating with us. Can you provide me with your agency price and full catalog of tents? Thank you.

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