How to Make You Event Tent More Functional?

Do you want to make your event tent more functional, but just use the simple thing and easy way? Liri Tent can provide you a solution. Our innovation, Pagoda Tent can fulfill all your needs.

pagoda (22)

The pagoda tent can be used as a single unit or combined to enlarge space and become a special structure style with a rain gutter. It is easy to install and dismantle, no machinery is required.

调整大小 DSC_0313-水印

The pagoda tent is available in 3*3m, 4*4m, 5*5m, 6*6m, 8*8m, 10*10m and the wind load capability is 80km/h. If you even want a smaller one, no problem, we have another kind called mini pagoda tent which is available in 2*2m, 2.5*2.5m, 3*3 m. It is lighter and easier to carry.

rain gutter (1)

There is a range of accessories for choosing, PVC window sidewalls, rain gutter, lining and curtain.

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