Double Decker Tent with Glass Walling and Flooring

Double-decker tents provide the ultimate space-saving solution by creating additional floor coverage where space is at a premium.

Double-decker tents from the Liri Tent factory are available in “A” Framed, Curved, High peak, Cube shaped. Double-decker tents can be installed in a variety of different configurations, shapes, and sizes to suit specific event layouts and site restrictions. The small structure could be constructed on the upper level creating the perfect spectator viewing balcony area for enjoying the sight below.

_0000s_0003_DSC07343_调整大小.JPG _0000s_0009_DSC07408_调整大小.JPG

The elimination of the 5x5m module allows for increased tent flexibility as well as an additional corridor area. The special modular design of the double-decker tent allows for an infinite increase in length and width.

Our double-decker tents can be used in different events such as golf, tennis, horse racing, motor racing, etc.

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