Details for Buying Event Marquee from Tent Manufacturer

Whenever you think about holding an outdoor activity, an event tent is a next thing you consider. These are great as they shield your guests from the sun or wet weather during the event. Irrespective of your event, be it a wedding party, birthday party or any other celebration one may have, choosing the right tent for your occasion will ensure that you have an unforgettable experience.

clear top tent

Here are some details that one should keep in mind when buying an event marquee:

  1. Tent pole drape covers – These are an inexpensive way to dress your party. Mostly used for weddings or in upscale events.
  2. Tent flooring – These are necessary for large events such as university graduation
  3. Air-condition – These are necessary if your tents are sided walled in order to help circulate the air in the tent.
  4. Tent perimeter lighting – This is necessary if your event is being held In the evening. The size of your tent will determine the lighting to be used. If your tent is large, it will require you to have extra lighting

Keeping these details in mind will make your party successful.

event marquee

For further queries about event tents, you can contact:

Terry Yuan – Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd.

Mobile/WhatsApp: +86-135 7066 9856; Skype: tent72


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