How Big of a Function Tent Do You Need?

Winter is fast approaching its end in the Northern hemisphere and the summer special events and function season is just around the corner. It is at this time that many events coordinators take a look at the special events tents manufacturers and ask “how big a tent will I need for this event?” It is a very valid question that can (and has) stumped even the most experienced and professional events coordinator, so to help you out we have created How Big a Function Tent Do You Need cheat sheet…

What size tent do you need?

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to choose the right size tent for your next special event:

1. Know your Basics Before Choosing a Tent

The most important part of choosing the right tent size is also the easiest! Know roughly how many people will be attending the function and what exactly will be happening inside the tent and where will the tent be placed. As an example, Kate is hosting a product launch party for 150 guests and the tent will need to have a product display area as well as a raised podium or stage area for the speakers. There will also be a need for audiovisual functionality and a light meal and drinks will be served. The tent will be standing on the front grass area of the product manufacturer’s headquarters.

2. Calculate The Seating Area That Will be Needed

There are a number of basic formulas that can be used to determine the amount of square footage that will need to be under the tent. But the easiest “rule of thumb” is to plan on about 100sq.ft. per round table with 8 to 10 chairs and people per table. If the table is a 8 foot long banqueting table with 8 people and chairs around it plan on 80sq.ft. per table. Finally, if the seating arrangement is in a theater style layout for a presentation or wedding ceremony each folding chair will need an area of 6sq.ft. per person.

3. Do You Need a Dance Floor?

If you need a dance floor, you should also have a good idea of how many people will make use of it. A good estimate of dance floor size is 2-4sq.ft. per person. This means that if you are going to have a 200 person function, and all of the people will make use of it, you’ll need a dance floor of about 20′ x 20′.

4. What Will the Entertainment Be?

If you will be having a stage, be sure to take into account their equipment needs. A four-piece band with drum kit and amps will need a stage of at least 12′ x 20′. Also do not forget about any sound engineers or equipment that they will need to use.

5. Will There be Food?

For a buffet meal, make sure you have about 100sq.ft. per 8′ banquet table. A served meal on the other hand might take up less floor space, but where will the food be prepared? Will another smaller “catering” tent be needed as well?

6. What Style Tent Will You Need?

Finally, think about what style of tent you will need for the special event. There are a number of different special events tents available to hire or purchase (including Bedouin, Marquee and Pole Tents) and each will have its own unique spacing needs.
If you want to know more information of the different kinds of tent, feel free to contact us.

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