Adding A High Peak For Your A Shape Tent

After using a long time for your standard A shape tent and more similar tents in your place, and without enough money to upgrade your tents with more luxury accessories? Here LIRI TENT will offer you a new idea.

It is very simple to make your tent more special, and easy to make it. Adding a high peak to your tents will be a very good idea. The high peak tent is always an eye-catching structure of its bell-shaped roof line. The Clearspan width of this series has a wide range from 6m to 40m. The high peak unit is able to join with the regular A-shape unit, and multi-sides unit to form a mixed tent.

mixed party tent 12x32m with double high peaks (1)

For the high peak, it can add on the basics of the A shape tent you have already bought, so that will only help you to save cost but also make something for your tent.

Beautiful 10x30m mixed tent with high peak
Technical data of Beautiful 10x30m mixed tent with high peak for wedding events

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