500 People Outdoor Event Tent With Glass Wall System For Hajj

This Outdoor Event Tent With Glass Wall System For  Hajj is our most economical type, which can be widely used for Hajj, outdoor weddings, parties, and other events. The Outdoor Event Tent With Glass Wall System is from 3m to 60m that can fit different numbers of clients. There is no pole inside of our tent, which means you can have 100% inside space. It’s much better for your special event. This type of tent also can be assembled and dismantled easily and repeatedly, it’s the most suitable tent type for your tent rental business and event business.

LIRI TENT is the 1st aluminum tent manufacturer in China since 1997. In the past 19 years, we own so many good reputations from all over the world. The footstep of LIRI keep developing is high-quality products and reasonable prices. If you buy a tent from us. You don’t need to worry about anything.

Here is the technical data for your reference. And we have different specifications, so if need one bigger or smaller is available.


Accessories: Glass wall system/Glassdoor/ ABS wall/ Air-conditioning and so on.

accessories of A shape tent

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