30m Clearspan Cube Structure Thermo Roof Tent

Internet Plus Frontier Technology Show was held in Foshan, China in August 2015. Including Alibaba, Tencent, Amazon, Baidu, Sina, Huawei, ZTE and other well-known companies have been participating in this Show.

liri tent

Liri Tent, as the exclusive tent supplier for the Show, provides over 1,5000 square meters of high-quality tents:

4sets of 50x65m A shape Huge Halls

1set of 30x105m Thermo Roof Cube Structure Tent in 8m side height

2sets of 25x40m Thermo Roof Cube Structure Tents in 8m side height

2sets of 25x30m A shape big tents

2sets of 30x30m A shape big tents

As well as hallway tents, air conditioners are from Liri company.


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