Special Event Tent Rental

For an outdoor huge event, if to accommodate 10,000 people at the same time, it is not easy to find a suitable place for it, sometimes, even you can find a place, but still need to check with the booking. At this time, to rent a special event tent will be very helpful.


Special event tent size and height can be very flexible, and also have different options for the shapes, A shape, dome shape, polygon shape, mixed structure and so on. It can meet your different request and offer the audience different experience. The most popular one will be the normal A shape design, standard height is 4m or 5m, but if for the special event, the client request some special accessories or special side height, we can customize the design, to make the height in 8m, or even higher and offering enough space for the equipment. If people want the tent to be more luxurious, they will have different option for the design, hard walls system, accessories and so on. Like the two storey tent, tent with glass walls or ABS walls will be a very good option for the high end events. The horizontal glass walls or ABS hard walls is a special and attractive option.


The special event tents also leave enough space for the lighting system, truss system, stages and so on. For each roof beams, lighting can be hanged on it, and people can also use the air conditioner system, and the flue pipe, so the inside temperature will have a very good control. Offering an flat land, not too much requirement on the land foundation, and using the special event tent, you can get you own dream event hall within one week, and remove and dismantle the event tent in 2-3 days. It is not only cost saving but also effective.


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