Double Decker Tent For Autoshow

The clear span tent is a magical structure. We can add another floor on the basis of the single floor tent to double the available space. By using the Double Decker Tent, you can get twice the event space.

In the city center with limited ridge height and area, it not only meets the needs of vehicle exhibition but also the actual office. The small and exquisite tent shape is also harmonious with the on-site environment.

The mainframe of the tent is made of high-strength aluminum alloy (T6 series, the highest international standard), and the roof cover is using the PVC double-coated membrane, which has the advantages of non-stretching, waterproof, flame retardant (meeting EU standards of B1 and M2), etc. High-strength tempered glass is installed on the wall of the second floor, which is beautiful and fashionable. In addition, an additional advertising enclosure is added to create a flat roof Double Decker Tent.

As shown in the case. the vehicle exhibition is placed on the first floor, and the second floor is used as the negotiation area, equipped with air conditioning, carpet, lighting, interior decoration, and other supporting facilities. that’ll bring customers a high-quality exhibition viewing experience!

There is no central pole in the interior of the Double Decker Tent, and the space of the upper, and lower floors greatly expands the available area inside the tent. The space utilization rate of the same area reaches 200%, which perfectly solves the problem of space restriction of the event space. In addition, the Double Decker Tent can adapt to different application scenarios, such as a large restaurant, VIP reception area, office area, etc., and even as an outdoor semi-permanent temporary venue!

Exhibition Tent Series Specifications

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