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The Big Tent Series is suitable for all kinds of event, such as wedding party event, event center, exhibition, church and so on. It’s elegant A shape catches the eyes easily.


The standard eave height of Big Tent Series is 4m. The modular design enables the tent to increase or decrease its length by 5m bay basis. Full line accessories are compatible for this series. Customized design is available.

For the details of the BT series, please refer to the following chart,

Model No. Width Length Eave Height Ridge Height Main Profile Size
BT10/400 10m unlimited 4m 5.53m 204x120x4mm
BT12/400 12m unlimited 4m 5.83m 204x120x4mm
BT15/400 15m unlimited 4m 6.3m 204x120x4mm
BT20/400 20m unlimited 4m 7.1m 204x120x4mm
BT21/400 21m unlimited 4m 7.25m 204x120x4mm
BT25/400 25m unlimited 4m 7.88m 204x120x4mm



System Features,

1, Four-channel aluminium frame

2, Galvanized steel connection pieces

3, Kedered fabric system

4, Bar tensioning roof system

5, Interchangeable parts between sizes

6, Windloading capacity 100km/h

7, Full line accessories.

For more details, please contact me,

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