10 Things to Consider While Buying an Event Tent

When considering buying an event tent for all your events outdoors it is a wise decision because you can not only entertain your guests amidst the beauty of nature but you can also keep your house clean from the after party drinks and food stains. When shopping for new party tents there are certain features that you want to watch out for as your budget is one of the major factors that dictate your choice. It is also important to know how much you can spend and what features to look for in a party canopy tent.

Here Are 10 Things To Consider While Buying an Event Tent That Will Make Shopping Easier:

    1. F: tents may come with different materials on poles that range from heavy duty to medium, from fiberglass to plastic and more. While most party tents come in fiberglass, one must remember that they are extremely fragile and tend to break easily. If you are considering a party canopy tent for just the occasional party, this option is fine, but if you are planning to take the poles up and down a lot, you might have to consider replacements every time you bend or break a pole.

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    1. Rain-fly: The umbrella on an event tent that protects you from the rain is called a rain-fly. Hence, just like choosing an umbrella, the bigger the better! A party canopy tent can have a top that comes down the sides so that you will not get spattered on while you are underneath it. You may also choose waterproof material that can withstand any kind of moisture.
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                       2.Double stitching: buying party tents is just like buying clothes because you have

to make sure that the material is stretched extremely well. While buying a tent, pull                               the material on either side and if you see the stitches, chances are the party tents will                             leak. So make sure that you choose the material that has double stitching for                                             extreme durability.



                        3.Tub floor: the floor of a party canopy tent should be made of waterproof material                            with a few inches left on the sides to put in the tent walls. No space along the side                                      means there is no way for water to seep in which otherwise can lead to water logging.

                      4.Ventilation: if you’re choosing an event tent that is enclosed, make sure that the                               roof has a little opening that will help you to allow in some air circulation and avoid any                        kind of condensation inside your tent. Breath-ability is extremely important when                                 choosing enclosed tents.

                     5.Strong zippers: you definitely do not want your party canopy tent to be unusable                            just because it has a broken zipper. If you are up for frequent use with your event tent                          invest in some heavy-duty zippers that can withstand that entire miss handling.

                      6.Stake Loops: make sure that you have large loops around the sides of the party                                   tents as well as the center. These loops should be big enough to put in those large                                    plastic stakes that are on the market. Choosing metal stake loops are more preferred                              than the plastic ones as they might break off.

                      7.Enough guy ropes: make sure that your party canopy tent has loops around the                             sides as well as the middle so that you can attach guy ropes that keep the walls of the                              tent straight. It’s nearly impossible to sleep at night with the walls of your event tent                              flapping constantly in the harsh wind.


    1. 8.Meshing: choose to buy party tents with a material that has been treated to keep those nasty bugs away. The market today displays more than enough choices on these materials and they are quite effective too.

9.Color: if you want to take the tents camping, you have to be quite choosy on the color as mostly fluorescent colors are preferred for such outdoor activities.

Having an event tent is one of the most fascinating experiences for anyone who wishes to have some fun. Party tents not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also is a different way to make your events special.



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