White 20x25m Event Tent For Wedding

20x25m Event Tent For Weddings, All-white Pvc Fabric

A movable tent is a temporary space building made up of a frame structure. It can be erected in sizes to suit the requirements, corresponding to different temporary event spaces. An example is the 25x25m wedding marquee, which is a frame structure with a white PVC roof. 600 square meters of space can accommodate a party or dinner for around 200 people.

The roof is available in a wide range of fabrics. Each tent is instantly recognizable.

The wedding banquet site is not without its dance floor, bar, lounge and reception areas. Splitting the site into different areas facilitates management.

A Tent For Any Event

As you can see, whether you are planning an important annual company conference or a high-profile marketing event, an event tent is a good choice. It is very flexible in size, shape, and layout. Clear-span event tents can be made from 3m to 60m. Different types of roofs can be perfectly adapted to the shape and do not affect the multi-functional realization.

If you are planning a series of marketing events, please work with us.

Clear Span Event Tent Specifications

Span WidthBay DistanceEave HeightRidge HeightMain Profile


5 thoughts on “White 20x25m Event Tent For Wedding

  • kiwi

    We need an active tent suitable for camping in winter. It should be warm, wind-resistant, and rain-proof. Could you provide some relevant suggestions and brands?

  • Bartley

    The frame tent is the most popular style of wedding tent, which is entirely metal frame. It is completely free to decorate.

  • darren

    Outdoor wedding venues are really popular in the summer and it is simply impossible to rent a suitable venue. A wedding tent can help with the venue.

  • kent

    Planning to head outdoors for your big day? At the wedding, your friends will be holding up their phones to take beautiful photos of your day.

  • Hamiltion

    Can the event tent used for weddings be shaken? Do other types of wedding tents have enhancements.

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