Using a Double Decker Tent for Outdoor Event Center

Using a Double Decker Tent for Outdoor Event Center

Double Decker is a two-story clear span structure. It is a revolutionary breakthrough of the regular tent, which allows a 200 % usage of the ground. At the same time enables the division of multi-function easily of the interior space. From the upper level of the structure, a winder view is provided.

2015 Longines Beijing Mater (17)

When arranging the outdoor event, a suitable place will be very important. As time went by, more and more people are using double-decker tents for outdoor event centers, the two-story design, allows a 200% usage of the ground, and at the same time, for the second floor, you can base on your need to make different division and design.

The double-decker tent is also can fix with different accessories, like the glass walls, ABS walls, inner lining, flooring system, door system, and so on, flexible with different designs which are suitable for luxury high-end events. Size is available from 10m – to 40m, and length without limitation, and the rooftop design can choose high peaks, normal A shape, cube structure, Arcum design, and so on.

For sporting events, the benefits of double-decker tents are obvious. Placing a layer of tents on the playground track is obviously a waste of space. And double tent can add a layer of the tent to the original field and 100% can use this space. The second layer of tents also improves the view and allows you to see further. Perfect for media and camera placement.


Two story tent
Double Decker Tent with glass wall


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