Unique Wedding Tent for the Special You

How do you find the right location for your wedding? Many folks have difficulty finding locations for their wedding ceremony or reception. Since you are busy and many venues have been booked for popular dates up to a year in advance.

Actually, have you thought about what you do not need to find because it is beside you. Maybe you have grandparents who have a beautiful backyard, or a local park. Then you can have your party there.

A location that does not necessarily have the capacity you’re looking for can suddenly become your venue on whatever day you wish by contacting us, Liri Tent Technology Co., LTD.  We are the biggest tent manufacturer in China which was established in 1997 with 500 people and a 100,000 square meters factory area. Our products have been exported throughout the world to over 97 countries.

We can customize a wedding tent to accommodate nearly any size event. We work closely with you to determine your needs to ensure you and all your guests enjoy the time. At the same time, we have a different fixing solution to guarantee safety.

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