Made Your Trade Show More Special with A Transparent Tent

Holding a trade show is more difficult than it looks, and it looks pretty difficult already. However, this should be a fun event and not a stressful one. Decoration, for one, can be a challenge if you’re creatively challenged. You would think that hiring a decorator is in order, but wait, you might be able to pull it off.

To start with a successful trade show, you must leave a deep impression on your guests, so that they can keep it in mind. In this way, a transparent tent will help you a lot. Add some lights to it, which will make your tent more colorful at night, it will be filker like the star.

A transparent tent is using transparent PVC material, which can add something special at night. The size of the tent in the pictures is a tent with 20m clear spans, with 204x120mx4mm, for this main profile, the wind load can reach 90mph.


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