Custom Made Event Tent For Home Party

Are you planning a family event for 100 people?

On the weekend, Enjoy get-together with family members, or chat with friends on the wide grass, share delicious food, share each other’s recent happy things, enhance friendship and enhance family harmony.

In addition to the site, a luxurious, sturdy, reusable tent is what you need. What material, length, width, and function tent can meet the needs of this family gathering of 100 people?


How to choose the right family tent?

Requirement 1: safe, comfortable, and beautiful tent.

Through material innovation, structure innovation, color innovation, we can create a safe, comfortable, and high appearance level of family event tent, high strength aluminum alloy bracket, and PVDF surface-treated knife scraping coating synthetic fiber cloth composed of the main structure, surrounded by an open structure, with better ventilation effect.

The exterior color can be customized according to the customer’s specific requirements.


Requirement 2: a fast and easy way to build.

What’s the quickest way to set up your tent? Depending on how many guests your event tent will host, and the complexity of the tent facilities, the bigger the size of the longer it will take, we provide on-site construction service, you only need to listen to the engineer’s advice can quickly set up your tent.

Requirement 3: excellent after-sales service

Need help packing up your tent?

Need help with tent recycling?

You can call the person who sells the tent for you regarding the post-use and installation of the event tent. Proper disposal of the tent is convenient for you to reuse.

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  • Chavan Shah

    It really feels good to do this tent in the wine estate. My estate is doing farming. How do you keep it clean?

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